Master Nona Cristina Castro

Master Nona Castro is a personal student of GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui and a Senior Instructor for MCKS Higher Pranic Healing™ and Arhatic Yoga courses.

She was appointed by GrandMaster Coa Kok Sui as the head of MCKS Pranic Healing™/Arhatic Yoga in Canada as well as South/Central America.

Master Nona has been teaching most of her life. Her outstanding teaching skills and warm outgoing personality have long endeared her to the Pranic Healing community worldwide.

Courses provided:  All of the higher-level MCKS courses including the Arhatic Yoga courses and retreats in several countries.

Antjie Halim - Senior Authorized Instructor and Practitioner

Antjie Halim is the Director and creator of the Ontario Centre for Pranic Healing. As one of four senior Pranic Healing instructors in Canada, she travels to Quebec on a regular basis to give higher level MCKS courses.

Antjie has extensive experience in various complementary healing modalities (herbology/nutrition, reflexology, various types of energy healing, and body-centred therapies) and taught Yoga for over 20 years. She holds a Master's Degree in Sociology/Social Psychology.

She is the current President of the Canadian Pranic Healing Association.

Courses provided:  Basic and Advanced Pranic Healing™, Pranic Psychotherapy, Pranic Self-Defence, and Pranic Crystal Therapy, in addition to Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul, an introductory course to Arhatic Yoga.

Jean Robillard - Authorized Instructor and Practitioner

Born and raised in Quebec, now a resident of Vancouver, Jean Robillard travels to his homeland several times a year to teach the Basic and Advanced Pranic Healing™ Courses, in addition to Pranic Psychotherapy.

Prior to becoming a full-time practitioner and instructor of Pranic Healing™, Jean explored many different spiritual avenues and healing modalities.

He combines his expertise as a certified Holistic Life Coach with Pranic Healing™ to support his clients with their healing journeys. He holds a Masters Degree in Metaphysical Science.

Courses provided:  Basic Pranic Healing™, Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy in French and in English

Adam Springett - Authorized Instructor and Pratitioner

As Owner and Director of the London Pranic Healing Centre, Adam is an Authorized Basic Pranic Healing and Superbrain Yoga Instructor, Associate Certified Pranic Healer and practitioner of Arhatic Yoga.

With the support of Antjie Halim, the Senior Instructor/Organizer for Eastern Canada and with the help of his Pranic Healing colleagues, Adam built and officially opened the London Centre for Pranic Healing in March 2009. Since then, Adam has been working to spread Pranic Healing in Southern Ontario, and more recently in Quebec where he gives the Basic Pranic Healing and SuperBrain Yoga courses in the Montreal area.

Courses provided:  Basic Pranic Healing™ and SuperBrain Yoga in English.

Faye Healey - Authorized Instructor and Practitioner

In addition to teaching Pranic Healing™, Faye offers in-person healing sessions at the Pranic Healing center in Ottawa, as well as distant-healing sessions. Throuhg Distance Pranic Healing, she has successfully treated clients all over Ontario and Quebec, and as far as Saudi Arabia, Paris, Thailand, Japan, England, India, Morocco, and more. Whether in-person or remotely, Faye sees clients for a broad range of physical and psychologial aliments, which can include anything from broken bones to PTSD, Prana Facelifts or weight-loss programs, and helping people enrich their homes and/or businessesthrough Prana Feng Shui.

Courses provided:  Basic and Advanced Pranic Healing™ and Superbrain Yoga